Core/Balance Programs

Balance– noun: an even distribution of weight enabling something to remain upright and steady.

Your core and balance allow you to stand straight while you walk, jump your 2 feet off the ground at the same time and perform everyday carrying tasks. These days, most of us are slouchers, and sitting is the new smoking- bad for you! Our core stabilization program will challenge you through strengthening, ball use and integrating the underlying muscles into simple activities.

Have you fallen or use your hands on the walls as you walk around the house? Then you need better balance and posture to stay safe and independent. Take a walk on our dynamic balance obstacle course for a challenge that will keep you on your own two feet and prevent falls.

Young adults may have scoliosis and need to compensate for their muscular imbalance their curvature has created with their spine. Postural correction and learning where your body needs to strengthen and where it needs to stretch can be vital in lessening the effects of spinal curvatures. Both programs assist in lowering back and neck pain.

Kinesiology Tape (KT)

One of the latest and greatest trends in injury care is taping. KT, when applied correctly, offers a “lift off” of tissue which allows for decompression of the injured area. This lessens pain from the injury by giving relief of pressure, and allows for proper flow of essential nutrients to get to your injury to heal it faster. In addition, this gentle intervention is for all ages and can be worn for several days. It doesn’t interfere with normal activity like work or showering. This is a great treatment option for those who are reactive to movement or have a painful response to exercise.


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