Core/Balance Programs

Balance– noun: an even distribution of weight enabling something to remain upright and steady.

Your core and balance allow you to stand straight while you walk, jump your 2 feet off the ground at the same time and perform everyday carrying tasks.† These days, most of us are slouchers, and sitting is the new smoking- bad for you!† Our core stabilization program will challenge you through strengthening, ball use and integrating the underlying muscles into simple activities.

Have you fallen or use your hands on the walls as you walk around the house?† Then you need better balance and posture to stay safe and independent.† Take a walk on our dynamic balance obstacle course for a challenge that will keep you on your own two feet and prevent falls.

Young adults may have scoliosis and need to compensate for their muscular imbalance their curvature has created with their spine.† Postural correction and learning where your body needs to strengthen and where it needs to stretch can be vital in lessening the effects of spinal curvatures.† Both programs assist in lowering back and neck pain.

Kinesiology†Tape (KT)

One of the latest and greatest trends in injury care is taping. KT, when applied correctly, offers a “lift off” of tissue which allows for decompression of the injured area. This lessens pain from the injury by giving relief of pressure, and allows for proper flow of essential nutrients to get to your injury to heal it faster. In addition, this gentle intervention is for all ages and can be worn for several days. It doesn’t interfere with normal activity like work or showering. This is a great treatment option for those who are reactive to movement or have a painful response to exercise.

Game Ready Cooling Compression

This innovative system takes ice to a whole new level that stays with you for and extended time to promote healing of an injury.† It integrates the R.I.C.E. principle (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) to give fast and effective results with pain and swelling without medication.† It achieves this task by delivering intermittent pneumatic compression as ice water circulates through a wrap that surrounds the joint.† The wraps are comfortable and adjustable.† The ice water temperature is also customizable for comfort.† This modality is great for reducing heat, swelling, pain, spasms and promotes tissue repair and aids lymphatic function. †Read more at

Cold Laser (

This modality is not actually cold!† It is referred to as cold based on where its light lies on the wavelength spectrum.† This intervention is appropriate for those who are reactive to movement and need something to get their pain down fast without doing much activity.† It is safe at any stage of an injury, non invasive and non heating of tissue- perfect for those with swelling or recent surgery.† It works by infusing needy cells with light energy.† It has been found to be effective in reducing pain, inflammation and promotes healing through cell regeneration and improved blood flow. Read more at†

Foam Roller Programs

These rolls are used for trigger point release and streching of tight muscles. They can be immensly helpful for chronicly tight areas that are hard to release, with adhesions and scar tissue as well. Benefits are increasing blood flow increasing tissue quality trigger point release.

Vestibular Rehab

People often have dizziness or ringing in the ears stemming from inner ear issues. †PT focusing on this area of anatomy can have quick and painless relief from their condition.

McKenzie Treatment

Robin McKenzie an Australian Physiotherapist created a method of treatment for the spine. A very hands off series of exercises can be taught to patients to improve neck back and mid spine issues. Combined with core stabilization programs to enhance your return to a pain free function.


This term encompasses so many techniques, like myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), massages, stretching, deep tissue work, postural work, craniosacral, joint mobilization, the list is endless. Completely customizable to your comfort level and need.

TENS/Muscle Stimulation

TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This unit can assist in closing the pain gate and therefore lowers the pain. Electrical stimulation for pain control was used in 63 AD in Rome by Scribonius Largus by standing on an electrical fish, he noted his pain was relieved. In the 16th-18th century electrostatic devices helped headache sufferers.


In use since the 1940’s, ultrasound aids in blood flow and pain control. Adjustable in depth this modality can reach to the bone. Also controllable is the heat delivered in either pulsed (on/off) or continuous heat (on)to limit any adverse effects. A short duration of this modality can have long lasting effects on an area of injury.

Hot Pack / Ice Pack

Depending on your injury type and duration you have had it, we may use hot packs or ice packs. Our HP deliver moist heat which can soothe injured tense muscles and reduce spasms. Increasing blood flow, bringing O2 , nutrients to the muscles, relaxation, flexibility and pain control are all benefits to moist heat. Cold should be used first when you have a new injury. This will reduce pain swelling and tissue damage. Cold packs are an easy and inexpensive way to treat your symptoms at home. An ice massage can be tremendously helpful with headaches and muscle spasms. This short duration intervention can here immediate results.


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