Reviews From Our Patients

On the first day I went to Schwartz Physical Therapy, I was filling out my paperwork while listening to another patient rave about how Dana will fix all my issues. I was of course skeptical how anyone could do all that. After all, I had been to several other PT practices before. But after working with Dana, I’m a believer!
Dana evaluates how I am doing and customizes my program on each and every session. I am never bored and am having fun while I work. I have come further than I ever expected, and I feel great.
I truly feel that I am visiting cousins when I am having a session at Schwartz Physical Therapy. They REALLY do treat me like family!
Jean R.
I am a patient of Schwartz Physical Therapy and from the first moment that I interacted with the staff and Dana Schwartz, I knew that I would be in good hands-literally and fiquratively. The atmosphere is very professional and yet they make you feel like a part of the family.†I have undergone numerous treatments by Dana involving electric muscle stimulation, heat treatments and various exercises. Dana has gifted hands and she is able to gently work my neck muscles and neck bones in such a way that all of my pain disappears. My neck pain seems to diminish each week that passes and it is apparent that my neck is getting the care that it needs. I had been to a very large physical therapy practice many years ago and I never met the physical therapist, The best part of Schwartz Physical Therapy is that Dana tends to your care- not a trained assistant. I highly recommend this practice if you ever have PT needs.

Lenny G.
For well over 30 years I have suffered with severe back issues. I have now had 2 back surgeries. During this period of time, I have been to a multitude of physical therapists. Dana Schwartz is by far the best physical therapist I have been to. She utilizes all of the latest techniques and enables you to function to your fullest potential. I am so lucky to have found Schwartz Physical Therapy. It is a warm and caring environment. I highly recommend Dana Schwartz.
Candice B.
My doctor recommended that I go to Schwartz Physical Therapy. PT with Dana has been so encouraging for me. Within a few sessions, she has increased my endurance greater than it has been in 6 years. I am now able to enjoy my family and go out more with my dog, Rex. I can even bend down on my knees and get his toys from under the couch. I am so thankful for her and her staff!
Sandra M.
In the 2 years attending Schwartz Physical Therapy, I have been able to work at a physically demanding job and move past my disabilities. Due to the quality treatment received in the facility under the care of Dana, Roger, Robin and Liz’s convenient scheduling, my chronic spinal, shoulder and knee problems (pain and inflexibility) have decreased while my range of motion and strength have improved. Thank you Schwartz Physical Therapy for your professional expertise enabling me to be a productive member of our community. I’ll always appreciate, recommend and utilize your services.
Fabir A.
I have been seeing Roger for therapy for both of my knees and they have been progressing tremendously. He is very easy to talk to and work with.
Alison V.