In Memory of John Schwartz

John Schwartz was just a young boy when he was diagnosed with Polio. He was told to stay in bed and rest, like the others with the same disease. John, being very strong willed, didn’t limit himself as recommended. Instead, he played stick ball & football on the streets of his hometown of Hillside, NJ. He was not going to let this disease take over his life. John went on to become a graduate of New York University (NYU) in 1965. After college, he had his choice of staying in NY, with his first job’s salary of $2,000 a year, or returning to NJ, his home, for $1,000 a year. John chose to come home to NJ.

He started working in hospitals, then nursing homes, and finally homecare. Along the way, he started his family with two children, J.A. & Dana, both of whom became Physical Therapists, just like their Dad. J.A. was valedictorian of his PT class with the highest GPA achieved to date at Boston University (BU), Dana graduated with honors from Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in Philadelphia. He added another child to the bunch, Russell, who then went onto become an accountant, after achieving a perfect 800 on his Math SAT.

John had wanted to start his own business back in the 60’s, but it wasn’t until 1985, that his dream finally became a reality. RIght in Monmouth county, Long Branch became the location of John Schwartz Physical Therapy. John opened the practice with the idea to be able to help people as he saw fit, and that is exactly how he ran the practice. After TJU, Dana began to practice with her Dad in 1996. Then he added Dana as an owner in 2000, and the name changed to Schwartz Physical Therapy.

In August of 2011, John unexpectedly passed away, peacefully at home. Since then, Dana is very proud to be running the business as her Dad would have seen fit. To carry on his legacy, to treat people as we would like to be treated, like family. To explain what their injury is and how they can work to get their lives back to normal, just like he did, through exercise, when he was a kid.

Schwartz Physical Therapy Founder