Schwartz PhLet's say you have an insurance we do not accept,ysical Therapy Tens Muscle Stimulation
Many patients are stressed because their deductibles are continually climbing. Some are upwards of $10,000 per year! My response is to pay for what you need. An example is that your neighbor came to us and was raving about all the great equipment we had and the care he got was top notch. You want the same result and want to come to Schwartz Physical Therapy too. However, you have an insurance we do not accept. You can still come to us if you pay for the visits. You would not need to obtain a prescription and incur a co payment at the doctor’s office. You would not be needing to reach your deductible either. You are in complete control of the services. You pay for as many or as few visits as you need. Many patients are taking this route for time saving and money saving reasons. You can have a same day appointment as well. So take control of your health today!