Now that you are in your workout mode. You want to do it right, right?! †You are dressed and ready to go, you have your weights, your yoga mat and water, but should you stretch first, or warm up? †Do you also need to cool down? †What are the correct stretches to do? †All great questions! †Prior to a work out, a warm up then dynamic stretching is best. †Why? †They are the best way to prevent injury. †How? †Because they will copy the movements you will be doing. †However, you will be doing them in a slower and more controlled way. †Think static hold stretching is the way to get ready? †Not so fast. †Static stretching is more appropriate AFTER your cool down. † It will help return your ROM after squeezing those biceps over and over again. †A static stretch should never be ballistic, or bouncy. †It sends the wrong message to your muscles, joints and ligaments. †Hold it for 15-30 seconds. †Let’s stay healthy and fit the right way. †Always warm up and cool down and stretch the right way, at the appropriate time. †Now if you are at work and sitting for hours on end, we need to address that situation. †Repetitive stress injuries are born in that type of environment. †So get out your phone and give yourself an hourly alarm to stand up, walk around, stretch the sore muscles you have been using. †Check out our blog posts, “6 simple upper body stretches your body will love” and “6 simple lower body stretches your body will love” for guidance.